Physiotherapy for Shoulder pain

Shoulder Pain Treatments & Therapies

Shoulder pain and Shoulder Blade Pain is noted to be the most common form of joint problems, caused by a number of things. It is because the shoulder comprises loads of ligaments, muscles, fluid-filled sacs, tendons, and bones, which will work together within a small space. It is not always possible to find out what is causing the pain. The pain arises from beneath the bone that forms the shoulder’s roof. It is referred to as shoulder impingement. Some other causes are frozen shoulder, osteoarthritis, and more.

To get proper relief from pain and from the core, it is better to have a direct conversation with the doctors. Reputed professionals are working day and night to offer special medications and therapies. Physiotherapists present non-invasive methods like exercises to avoid shoulder dislocation, and more, which will help to treat the pain and other problems like inflammation, redness, and more, without letting you moving under the knife. So, visiting a clinic to get help with the physiotherapy for shoulder pain, when the shoulder pain is at its minimal is a good call.

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Supine Protraction With Dumbells For Shoulder Protractors | Physiotattva

This physical therapy exercise works best for shoulder pain treatment and treatment for rotator cuff injuries. This physical therapy exercise is useful in developing stability in cases of rotator cuff injury and tendonitis of shoulder muscles. The exercise is effective for shoulder protractors.

Tests for Right Shoulder Pain & Left Shoulder Pain

Special forms of shoulder tests will help doctors to pinpoint the main cause of pain, whether tendon issues or muscle problems, shoulder instability, or joint impingement. The main purpose is to aid diagnostic procedures and identify effective treatments. Imaging tests like MRIs, X-rays, and ultrasounds are used for checking on damaged bones, joints, cartilage, and ligaments. These tests will change with time. Some of the other tests involved are:

  • Neer’s test
  • Speed’s test
  • Apprehension and Relocation Test
  • Sulcus Test
  • AC Joint Compression Test
  • Hawkins-Kennedy Test
  • Drop Arm Test
  • Empty Can Test
  • Tests for Frozen Shoulder
  • Lift-Off Test
  • Teres Minor Test
  • Crank’s test

Physiotherapy Treatment for Shoulder Pain

Physiotherapy for shoulder pain is the perfect call whenever you are trying to get relief from shoulder pain. Most shoulder pains will benefit from these non-invasive treatments. Physiotherapists are specialists to help reduce shoulder blade pain and show you ways and exercises to avoid shoulder dislocation and to improve the work by using various stretching and core strengthening exercises, therapeutic techniques, and massages.

They will work to improve the symptoms and help the shoulder to move again properly. The treatment suggestion mainly depends if the problem is a short-term or long-standing condition. Almost everyone gets complete benefit from physiotherapies using methods like:

  • Manual treatments for the softer tissues and joints like manipulation and massage
  • Application of the adhesive tape to the skin for reducing strain on the issues and increase awareness of shoulder’s position and that of the shoulder blade as well
  • Proficient exercises to increase range of the joint movements 
  • Major exercises to prevent stiffness or ease out the existing one and also exercises to avoid shoulder dislocation.
  • Special advice on improving postures for your shoulder, neck, and spine
  • Major core strengthening exercises to strengthen out the weakened muscles, changing the co-ordination and improve the overall shoulder’s functionality

After running through some exams, the doctors will recommend you to a physiotherapist. It is one way to remove shoulder pain without going through any surgical means. However, if physiotherapy for shoulder pain is not working well for you, then you have other variations to check for.

Physiotherapy for Shoulder pain: Occupational therapy

In case your shoulder issue is making daily work a lot difficult, like washing, driving, and dressing, then getting hold of an occupational therapist is a good call. The therapist is a specialist trained to help regain independence by showcasing ways of changing the way you do things. They will further provide advice on how the adaptations or equipment can reduce strain on the shoulder at work, home, or even while driving.

They will also be able to provide you with advice on ways to change the movements and prevent pain from returning or continuing. In case the place of work comprises the occupational health department, they might also be able to help you big time.

If you want, you can see an occupational therapist privately. You can get quicker appointments, but their services are a bit costlier when compared to thy physiotherapy for shoulder pain.

Physiotherapy for Shoulder pain: The use of cold compress

A cold compress will help in reducing swelling in the shoulder. The cooling method further helps in numbing your sharp shoulder blade pain. For that, physiotherapists will advise the use of an ice pack for around 20 minutes, about 5 times daily. Use one frozen gel pack, a bag of frozen peas, or even ice cubes in a plastic bag for the same result.

Experts will advise you to wrap the ice pack in a soft towel and then place it on the shoulder. It is not a good idea to place the ice directly on your skin.

Physiotherapy for Shoulder pain: Heat therapy

Sometimes, physiotherapists will apply heat therapy to take control of the sharp shoulder blade pain. The heat helps in relaxing tense muscles and then soothes stiff shoulders. It can also help with muscle pain and arthritis in the shoulder. Experts ask you to take the help of the heating pad, hot water bottle, or heated gel pack for the same.

How PhysioTattva Can Help You Treated for Shoulder Pain

PhysioTattva is a well-known physiotherapy center, offering top-notch quality exercises including core strengthening exercises and therapeutic sessions to its clients. Even if you are suffering from excruciating pain and need proper medical help, then joining our center will be a smart move. We hire trained physiotherapists who have assisted in physical treatment to cure frozen shoulder, osteoarthritis, and other types of shoulder joint pains. So, with us, you are in safe hands.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can physiotherapy treat shoulder pain?

Using multiple therapeutic options and exercising routines, you can get Shoulder Pain treatment from its core with help from a well-trained physiotherapist.

How much time does the treatment take?

It solely depends on the condition of the shoulder and the level of pain you are suffering from. You might have to go for more than two sittings, each one lasting for about 30 to 45 minutes, based on the treatments implied.

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