Physiotherapy for Numbness And Tingling


Temporary numbness and tingling can occur after you spend a lot of time sitting cross-legged or with your head resting on the crooked arm. This sensation will go away after you walk or add some movements or any kind of free mobility exercises. But, if the numbing sensation still persists, followed by pain, then it is time to visit a doctor to check out the neurological conditions of your body.

Numbing and tingling are types of temporary Paresthesia. These sensations occur after standing or sitting in one position for too long or even wearing tight clothing. It puts pressure on the blood vessels and nerves, which will reduce sensation. However, numbness can be the early symptoms of Multiple Sclerosis. MS will cause mild to severe numbness and a tingling feel on the skin and some parts of the body, such as legs and feet, arms and hands, face, and more.

Now, the treatment will vary based on the present condition of the scenario. Physiotherapists will present you with therapeutic sessions, which will cover Numbness and tingling treatment from the core. Sometimes, doctors will recommend a short round of corticosteroids, which will quicken the recovery by reducing inflammation. It is vital to follow the dosage mentioned by the doctor only.

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Primarily, an EMG or Electromyogram is used to see if you have pinched a nerve in the back or in your neck. In case you have numbness and tingling in your legs or arms, then EMG will show you if you have any nerve pressure in those areas. EMG measures the current electrical activity in the muscles. Now, there are certain blood tests done as well to understand the main cause of the tingling sensation and numbing. Those are:

  • Tests for vitamin levels, metals and minerals, inflammation and autoimmunity, and infections
  • Complete blood count test to measure various numbers of different types of blood cells
  • Comprehensive metabolic panel
  • Thyroid function test
  • Tests for the blood and bone marrow cancers and also pre-cancers

Physiotherapy Treatment for Numbness And Tingling

The treatments depend on the cause of the numbness feeling first, for which the tests are important. The highly skilled physiotherapists will examine you first; carry out one detailed assessment for determining the cause of symptoms.

The diagnosis of the nerve injury is made by procuring a detailed history and then carrying out a comprehensive, objective examination. Based on the findings, the physiotherapist will recommend EMG, nerve conduction test for confirming the presence of a pinched nerve and determining the extent of the injury.

As Paresthesia treatment solely depends on the underlying cause, it is better to get it thoroughly examined first. If the numbness was the result of a disease, then treating the disease will ease out the numbness for sure. Because of the lower blood circulation, physiotherapy is noted to be quite effective in treating numbing and tingling sensations.

Physiotherapy for Numbness And Tingling: Exercises

Physiotherapists will provide you with some of the best nerve gliding exercises. These are used extensively to treat numbness and tingling of the hands. This method of exercise will prevent further nerve damage by facilitating nerve movement and proper circulation.

Physiotherapy for Numbness And Tingling: The nerve gliding sequence

Here, the first position is to make the loose fist with the thumb outside, covering all the folded fingers. This method helps in improving circulation and finally relaxing the tension. Then the second position will involve opening first with all fingers straight up, pointing towards the ceiling. Now, you have to gently move the palm backward as much as you can without discomfort. This is the third position, which you need to hold for a few seconds.

Now, you have to extend the thumb away from the hand while keeping it in a hyperextended position. This is your fourth position, which you have to hold for multiple seconds without discomfort. Now, change the hand’s position by extending it further so that palm can face the ceiling. This stage is called supination and will generate minor pull along the wrist and muscles extending from the thumb region to the wrist.

For your last position, it is time to put the pressure on your extended thumb with the help of a finger from another hand. You have to press it downwards. After learning the entire method, it is mandatory to repeat this sequence around 3 to 5 times in a set. The physiotherapist will show you the first time, and then you have to do it on your own under their strict supervision.

Physiotherapy for Numbness And Tingling: Massage

Sometimes, numbing and tingling sensation is the result of blood circulation issue. So, a proper therapeutic massage will be highly beneficial in reviving the best blood flow to the hands. Massages will improve the blood flow through some external stimulation of the circulatory system and even the lymphatic fluids. Be sure that the massages are exercises that are performed under the supervision of a professional physiotherapist to get the most out of it.

How PhysioTattva Can Help You Treated for Numbness And Tingling

PhysioTattva is all set to use the best nerve and muscle exercises to help you get relief from numbness and tingling right from the core and don't have to deal with it ever again. We make it a point to hire well-trained physiotherapists with years of training and practices in exercises and massages. So, join our team and get relief from Paresthesia immediately.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How long will it take for a proper treatment?

You can start the treatment immediately under expert supervision, but the recovery time will depend on the current condition of your numbing sensation.

When should you be worried about tingling and numbness?

In case you are weak from the numbing sensation or the tingling sensation that occurs just after a neck, head, or back injury, visiting your doctor immediately is a smart move.

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