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Headache Treatments & Therapies

Headache refers to a painful condition in the head, or face often spreading to the upper neck region. Usually, headache involves the pain-sensitive parts of the body, such as bone, skin, eyes, mouth, ears, and nose. Usually, some chemical activities in the blood vessels, nerves, and brain around the head and neck or skull muscles may cause primary headaches. 

If you are aware of the causes that trigger headaches, you must control them at first. Preventing the overuse of medicines, getting adequate sleep, eating meals on time, and regular exercises can also help manage headache. As stress enhances tension on the muscles of the shoulder or neck and results in headaches, a physical therapist can develop headache exercise programs for the victim to reduce muscle tension and stress. 

Walking, cycling, and swimming, are some of the headache exercises that help in reducing the frequency of migraines and headaches. To manage severe bouts of headache, doctors may recommend hot or cold compress, ask for practicing relaxation, and take rest in a room with dim lights.

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Chiropractic Adjustment for Back Pain Relief

Chiropractic adjustment is used for Low Back Pain, Neck Pain, and most common problems. In this video Chiropractic adjustment is done by Dr. Anup Brahmbhatt one of the best Chiropractor (Physiotherapist) in Bangalore.

Tests for Headache:

The doctor examining you for headache needs to look for medical conditions that may cause headache. Several different tests help in determining the underlying cause of the headache. 

Urinalysis and blood chemistry for headache treatment

The blood chemistry and urinalysis reveals several medical conditions that may trigger headaches, such as thyroid, infections, and diabetes. 

CT scan for headache treatment

The CT scan for headache treatment is a test procedure in which the computer and X-rays produce a cross-section image of the head and allows the doctor to eliminate other conditions when you do not get headaches daily. 

MRI for headache treatment

The Magnetic Resonance Imaging or MRI test for headache treatment produces clear images or pictures of the brain through a large magnet and radio waves. The doctor usually recommends MRI when you get headaches daily. Apart from this, MRI is the recommended option when a CT scan shows inconclusive results. The MRI scan helps evaluate those parts of the brain that cannot be reviewed with a CT scan, such as the portion of the spine at the neck level and the back part of the brain.

EEG for headache treatment

An electroencephalogram or EEG for headache treatment is not a standard test for headache, but the doctor can ask you to undergo this evaluation when they suspect seizures. 

Sinus X-ray for headache treatment

If the doctor suspects a sinus problem to be the reason for your headache, they may recommend a sinus X-ray as it provides more details. 

Spinal tap for headache treatment

For patients who have infections of the spinal cord or brain, the spinal tap helps in the removal of fluid from the spine. 

Examination  of the eye for headache treatment

For headaches treatment, the doctor can also recommend an eye pressure test to determine the chance of glaucoma or pressure on the optic nerves that may cause headache.

Physiotherapy Treatment for Headache

The origin of headaches can differ but physiotherapy is highly effective for treating headaches that originate from the neck joints. When the neck joints are highly stiff or mobile, the muscles of the neck, head, and shoulders become painful due to overstrain, or if you have poor posture, physiotherapy comes to help. 

You can search for physiotherapy clinics online to seek help for managing chronic or sudden outs of headache. Here are a few techniques that physical therapists may apply to people suffering from a headache. Physical therapy reduces the frequency, intensity, and duration of headache, reduces the use of medication, improves the movement of the neck, and the quality of life on the whole. 

Physiotherapy for headache: Manual therapy

Manual therapy includes hands-on techniques that help reduce the stiffness of muscles and joints, enhance the movement of the head and neck, improves the performance of muscles, and reduces spasms and muscle tension. 

Physiotherapy for headache: Exercise programs

The physiotherapy expert you consult for headache treatment also recommends various headache exercise programs to enhance healing, reduce inflammation and pain, and improve healing. Apart from specific headache exercises, you can also go for personalized exercises as part of the treatment procedure. 

Physiotherapy for headache: Dry needling

The dry needling technique includes needle insertion in the neck region to reduce pain.

Physiotherapy for headache: Enhancing joint motion

For cervical headaches, physiotherapists use special techniques to improve the motion in the neck joints and the muscles surrounding it to move and perform flexibly. 

Physiotherapy for headache: Acupuncture

In acupuncture, the therapists insert needles in the pressure points near the nerves to stimulate them to release endorphins for obtaining a response from the body. The stimulation of the circulation and immune system offers relief from tension headaches and migraines. 

Besides, joint mobilization, gentle and annual mobilization of the facet joints of the neck and head, postural correction, massage of soft tissues, and stretching or strengthening exercises are some of the other techniques that the physical therapists apply depending on the case.

How PhysioTattva Can help you Treated for Headache:

Our physiotherapists at Physio Tattva are qualified and trained to provide to the patients. We have a team of therapists at our clinic to ensure that every patient gets the attention and care needed to resolve their health issues. 

With experience in Headache Treatment, the physiotherapists of our clinic can offer you the best advice and apply relevant techniques to provide relief to patients experiencing bouts of headache.  Often, the therapists take a few sessions for treating chronic headaches. Our experts can determine the possible causes of headache and treat the origin of the pain to provide relief.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can physiotherapy relieve tension headaches?

Increased stress enhances tension in the shoulder and neck muscles, causing headaches, but a physiotherapist devises specific exercise programs that help eliminate muscle tension and reduce stress.

What can stop headache fast?

Relaxing in a room with dim lights, easing pressure on the head or scalp, a cold pack, a hot compress, and exercises can help relieve headache.

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