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Back Pain Symptoms Overview

Learning about back pain is not something new, as most of you have faced it at least once in your lifetime. Sometimes, back pain can have some causes, which are not because of any underlying diseases. It can be the result of working out or lifting too much, prolonged lying down or sitting, sleeping in an uncomfortable position, or even wearing a poorly fitted backpack. No matter whatever the cause of lower back pain is, it is better to consult a doctor when the pain is minimal. Ignoring the pain will cause some serious issues, and you will be left with no other choice but to resolve to surgeries. To avoid that, focusing on back pain exercises with help from a well-trained physiotherapist will be a good call to address.

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W In Lying Exercise For Shoulder Retractors And Spine Extensors | Physiotattva

This physical therapy exercise works best for lower back pain treatment. This physical therapy exercise can be used for people with back pain- lower and upper back pain. The exercise is effective for shoulder retractors and spine extensors.


There are multiple symptoms that you will come across while dealing with back pain. You will also come to know more about the back pain causes involved. Back pain can range anywhere from just a muscle aching to a shooting, burning, or even a stabbing sensation. Along with that, the pain might radiate down the leg and will worsen with twisting, bending, and standing, lifting, or walking.


Learning about back pain reasons is important. Back pain can develop without any cause per se. But your doctor can identify with some tests or imaging study. Some of the common conditions linked to back pain will be:

Here, the vertebrate of the spine will develop painful fractures if the bones turn out to be brittle and porous.

  • Arthritis:

Osteoarthritis can also affect the lower back and will be the reasons for lower back pain. In some instances, spine arthritis can lead to narrowing of space around the spinal cord, also known as spinal stenosis.

  • Ruptured or bulging disks:

Disks will act as cushions right between bones or the vertebrate in the spine. The softy materials inside the disk might rupture or bulge and press on the nerves. But, you can have that bulging or ruptured disk without even any back pain. Disk disease is mostly found incidentally whenever you have spine X-rays for any other reason.

  • Muscle or the ligament strain:

Sudden awkward movement or repeated heavy lifting can strain your back muscles and cause spinal ligaments. In case you are in poor physical condition, then constant strain on your back will result in painful muscle spasms.

When to See Physiotherapist

If the back pain is getting unbearable and you are in need of some desperate exercises for lower back pain, then visiting a physiotherapist for the same is really important. Most of the back pains will improve with self-care and home treatment but will take few weeks. But, if the pain persists, then contacting your doctor is the only option left. You need to visit a physiotherapist when:

  • The pain stays for the past few weeks
  • It starts to spread down one or both your legs, mainly when it extends below the knee
  • It gets severe and won’t improve with proper rest
  • The pain starts to cause numbness, weakness, or tingling in one or both the legs
  • Well-accompanied by some unexplained weight loss

In some rare instances, back pain might signal some medical conditions. So, seek medical advice for back pain relief; when you see new bladder or bowel problems, you are getting a fever or follows a fall resulting in a blow to the back or any other injury.


Anyone can get lower or upper back pain and will be in need of back pain treatment, whether a teen or even children. There are some factors available, which might put you at greater risk of developing back pain. Those are:

  • Smoking-Smoking increases the rates of back pain, and it might occur as smoking prompts coughing, which leads to herniated discs. Smoking will also decrease blood flow to the spinal cord and increase osteoporosis risks.
  • Psychological conditions -People prone to depression and anxiety will have a greater risk of back pain.
  • Improper lifting
  • Diseases- Cancer and arthritis can result in tremendous back pain
  • Lack of exercises resulting in unused and weak muscles, leading to back pain.
  • Excessive weight gain put extra stress on your back, causing left side back pain
  • Lack of exercises resulting in unused and weak muscles, leading to back pain.
  • Age

How to Prevent

Once you are aware of your lower back pain causes and upper back pain causes, you can opt for the right preventive measures right away. Some of the points are listed below:

  • Regular lower impact aerobic activities or exercises can help you increase the endurance and strength in the back.
  • Proper back muscle and abdominal exercises help in strengthening the core of your muscles
  • Maintaining a healthy weight and quit smoking can also prevent backbone pain to a great extent.


To take care of your lower back pain right side and middle back pain, physiotherapy is the main call to consider. Some of the treatments are:

  • Passive physical therapy, which includes things that the patients covered in the past like heat application, electric stimulation, and ice packs
  • Active physical therapy, which primarily focuses on specified stretching and exercises

Related Conditions

It is mandatory to learn about the back head pain reasons before you can plan for the right treatments, and that’s when experts ask for the examinations. Apart from clearing your back pain, proper physiotherapy will keep diseases at bay, which will otherwise stem out of your back pain like osteoporosis, cancer, and even some psychological conditions.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does physiotherapy help relieve back pain?

If you are suffering from lower back pain left side, then physiotherapy will help in improving the function and movements of your muscles and joints.

How does physiotherapy help you when suffering from lower back pain?

There are various exercises, which will treat lower right side back pain. Some of those are knee rotations, knee to chest exercises, lower back rotation, extensions, and many more.There are various exercises, which will treat lower right side back pain. Some of those are knee rotations, knee to chest exercises, lower back rotation, extensions, and many more.

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