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Physiotherapy at Home in Bangalore and Hyderabad

Physiotherapy at home mainly occurs within 24 hours of hospital discharge. The elements, which need to be assessed are the ones associated with a pre-operative section with the addition of surgical incision. However, the number of visits authorized by the insurance company of the patient can limit the goals set by a home therapist.

As the managed care insurance has placed some major constraints on nursing visits, the physical therapists are well-trained to remove staples, which is traditionally a nursing function. Removal of staple takes place usually 12 to 14 days after surgery.

The home therapists are expected to advise patients on the proper sleeping and sitting positions, adjustment of the furniture, and some other home safety issues like strung-out electrical cords or slippery rugs. Their work will include reviewing the patient’s medication and check to see if the patient has proper medicines at home, and taking them as prescribed.

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Types of Physiotherapies At Home in Bangalore and Hyderabad

Physiotherapy at home means focused attention to the said patient all the time. It will be administered by trained and highly qualified professionals at your convenience. The home service ensures that patients get trusted care facilities whenever they ask for physiotherapy at home. Proper physiotherapy at home will promise significant recovery of patients at the comfort of their homes. Some of the best types of physiotherapies are listed below:

Neurological physiotherapy at home

Focusing on neurological conditions leading to loss of balance, muscle weakness, tremors, muscle spasms, decreased sensation, and more.

Orthopedic physiotherapy at home

Dealing with repairing the deformities and treating ailments associated with the human musculoskeletal system, which includes correcting ligaments, muscles, tendons, bones, and joints.

Cardiopulmonary physiotherapy at home

Treating patients suffering from cardiopulmonary disorders like chronic obstructive pulmonary disease or cardiac arrest.

Pediatric physiotherapy at home

Here, the help comes to improve acute injuries, defects present at birth, delayed physical growth, or some generic defects like cerebral palsy.

Geriatric physiotherapy at home

It deals with some age-related medical conditions like osteoporosis, arthritis, and more.

When to See Physiotherapist

There are certain symptoms, which are a sign that you must start physiotherapy at home in Bangalore and also physiotherapy at home in Hyderabad for your treatment. Some of those points are:

  • Prevention of injuries
  • To work on various postures
  • Alleviate the generalized pain
  • Flexibility and stretching workouts
  • Help after going through complicated surgery
  • Management of disease
  • Managing physical limitations
  • To recover from knee or hip replacements

Risks of Physiotherapy At Home

The only risk that falls with the physiotherapy at home services is the unavailability of all the major office tools. Physiotherapists can bring portable electromagnetic and therapeutic devices with them while visiting your place. But, they cannot bring the bigger machines used for critical pain relief. For that, the patients have to visit the clinic and get treatment.

Otherwise, there is hardly any risk related to physiotherapy at home treatment. The professionals are well-trained to cover all therapeutic services at home. So, they use special oils or gels, along with manual techniques, to help prevent pain from spreading out for some time.

How to Prevent The Use Of Physiotherapy At Home

Most of the time, it is mandatory to attend physical therapy until you reach your PT goals or until your therapist decides that your condition is improving. Physiotherapy at home sessions call for regular exercises, which vary from one patient to another, depending on their health condition. So, it is important to follow those exercises on a regular basis if you don’t want to address physiotherapy at home.

When the physiotherapists start doing physiotherapy at home, they will show you the exercises to perform on a regular basis. Follow their advice, and start eating healthy at the same time. After a certain point, you won’t need the services of physiotherapists anymore.

Physiotherapy At-Home – Treatments

Once you have selected to opt for Physiotherapy at home, it is time to focus on the types of treatments you can get. Some of the major ones are listed below:

TENS therapy

This technique will address one small battery-driven device used for sending low-grade current through electrodes as placed on the skin’s surface. A TENS device will relieve the pain of the affected area temporarily.

Manual therapy

Physiotherapists use this technique to manipulate and mobilize the affected joints by massaging with the power of their hands.

Acupuncture and dry needling

Here, fine needles will be inserted into specified body points, designed to reduce pain for a shorter time span.


It helps in promoting the natural healing process of the body. Here, a tape is used for lifting the skin away from connective tissue to increase space and allow the lymphatic fluid to move around effectively.

Magnetic therapy

Here, electromagnets of multiple sizes and types are used and can be self-applied under the guidance of a trained professional. It helps in limiting the pain to a certain extent.

Some of the other major physiotherapy at home are joint mobilization, rehabilitation, stretches and exercises, hydrotherapy, strengthening programs, cold and hot applications, and diathermy.

Physiotattva has the best physiotherapists for at home physiotherapy in Bangalore and also physiotherapy at home in Hyderabad. The physiotherapists are trained and have 10+ years of experience.

Related Conditions

There are multiple conditions that can get treated by physiotherapy at home. Some of those are concussions, chronic pain syndrome, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, arthritis, frozen shoulder, golfer’s elbow, and more. You just need a professional therapist to help you reach out your goals.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does physiotherapy really work?
An enormous amount of research already supports the use of physiotherapy for treating some of the musculoskeletal problems. Dozens of studies have proven that physiotherapy can help with joint injuries and pain related to the neck, back, knee, wrist, shoulder, and ankle.
How much time does physiotherapy take to show results?
Minor injuries will expect around 2 to 3 sessions to offer the best results. The soft tissue injuries will take 6 to 8 weeks. For treating serious or chronic conditions, it might take 2 and more months for physiotherapy to show some results

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