Benefits of Pulsed Electromagnetic Fields Therapy (PEMF)

PEMF therapy stimulates cells, helps to resolve cellular dysfunction, acute & chronic pain, reduces inflammation and support overall wellbeing. Learn more.

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What Is PEMF Therapy

PEMF (Pulsed electromagnetic therapy) is one of the safest and non-invasive methods of treating a series of bodily injuries. These practices are done by trained professionals, who understand the body's functionality and response to electric pulses, ensuring no risks in such therapy practices.

PEMFs are safe and are known for having a positive impact on pain relief and effective recovery of various conditions such as tissue damage, blood clots, and stiffness in joints. PEMFs aim to replicate the healing process of the body's electric pulse that stimulates healing and aids the process through strengthening and conditioning. 

Benefits of PEMF therapy

Benefits of PEMF therapy include stimulation of the cells and increased ability to heal. This has various health benefits, such as faster recovery and more resilient cell functions. PEMF aims to improve cell-to-cell communication and facilitates such communication's growth without altering cell functionalities. Mentioned below are some of the benefits.

Strengthens Immunity

PEMF is effective in reducing the possibility of bacterial infection. It increases microcirculation and improves cell healing and oxygenation. All these factors into better immunity and hence can be effective.

PEMF can also help remove toxins in the body that naturally increase immunity levels in individuals.

Enhances Sleep Quality

PEMF works with low frequencies that help in creating a relaxing environment. It lowers the frequency of the body and its operations, creating an environment for the muscles, tissues, and cells to heal and recover from stress and any injury. They often counter high-intensity frequencies generated by the technology around us, help lower stress, assist our circadian rhythms and help create a more relaxed state of sleep.

Relieves Stress

PEMF can help reduce stress by putting the body on a parasympathetic response. The slow, gentle frequency helps the brain and the muscles relax, resulting in a calmer nervous system. The pulses can also simulate a soft massage-like feeling that can put the brain at ease, allowing you to sleep better and relieve stress.

The pulses can also help generate feelings of being close to nature. It can mimic natural pulsation found in biological functioning that can regenerate cells.

Fast Muscle Recovery

PEMF works to help accelerate the ability of cells and tissues to heal faster by tapping into the natural healing frequency. This additional support allows cells and tissues to regenerate quicker and reduces the stress on the cells, achieved through stimulation. This helps in faster muscle recovery as it helps reduce pain and inflammation while accelerating body healing. 

Its effectiveness in reducing pain and inflammation allows the cells and muscles to relax and heal better and more healthily.

Detoxification of Body

It also removes toxins in the body as it aids cell growth and improves blood circulation. It helps the body eliminate toxins with ease. It can positively affect the lungs and bowels, all vital organs, to ensure that toxins are expelled from the body.

The gentle pulses help create a soothing feeling that helps increase the oxygen flow in the body. Well-oxygenated circulation aids in the removal of toxins quicker, resulting in the healthier cell, tissue, and blood quality.

What is a PEMF Therapy Session Like

PEMF therapy sessions are undertaken in comfortable, safe, and sanitized spaces. It mainly involves the person sitting comfortably on a chair or lying down. After understanding your needs and conditions, medical professionals give you gentle magnetic pulses for a stipulated time. It often induces a relaxed feeling, such as a massage. 

The individual can watch shows, read or scroll through social media when treated. It is a pain-free, non-invasive procedure and does not put the individual at risk for electric shock.

It can be curated to the needs and specifications of the individual's goals of having a PEMF therapy, along with consultation and suggestions by a medical professional.

Get The Best PEMF Therapy at Physiotattva

PEMF is an effective way of treating pain, reducing inflammation, and facilitating joint movement and stability improvement. It has proven to provide a stress-relieving impact that can help improve blood circulation and oxygen intake, reduce toxins in the body, and help heal cell regeneration.

Our teams at Physiotattva are qualified medical professionals who are well-versed in physiotherapy. Our centers are also equipped with modern technology that undergoes strict maintenance and safety checks, adhering to safety standards.

Our comprehensive knowledge in the field of healthcare ensures that our PEMF treatments are safe and effective.

Reach out to our team today to learn more about exploring this form of treatment.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there any risk associated with PEMF therapy?
PEMF is a safe and effective procedure; it works with safe magnetic pulses on the human body. Prior medical conditions are understood before the therapy. The therapy gives the body enough time to understand the situation and improves as you progress with the treatment.
How long does it take for PEMF therapy to work?
Depending on the condition and type of intervention, it may take around four weeks to see sustained changes. In the short run, you can see the PEMF therapy benefits after a few sessions.

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