Learn about the symptoms, causes, treatment and prognoses related to some of the most common conditions and injuries that our expert physiotherapists treat.

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Back Pain

Learning about back pain is not something new, as most of you have faced it at least once in your lifetime.Sometimes, back pain can have some causes, which are not because of any underlying diseases.

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Cracking Joints

In layman’s term, Cracking joints is manipulating joints to produce distinct cracking or popping sound.It is sometimes performed by chiropractors, physical therapists, and osteopaths.

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Shoulder Pain

The shoulder is considered to be the most mobile joint of your human body.The shape and structure of the joint are designed in such a manner that mobility is the main function of the joint.

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You must be wondering what is inflammation. Inflammation is a response triggered by damages to the living tissues.The inflammatory response is targeted to be a defense mechanism that evolved in some higher organisms for protecting them from injury and infection.

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Numbness and Tingling

Usually, numbness and tingling can be termed as unusual prickling sensations, which can take part in any portion of your body. People will notice such sensations in the legs, arms, feet, and hands.

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Loss Of Balance

It is quite common to feature loss of balance, especially in people with growing age. Balance is the ability for the person to maintain the center of gravity within base support.

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The tremors are mainly defined as involuntary or rhythmic oscillatory movements and are also considered to be a common form of movement disorders.

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Neck pain

The neck pain is stated to be a very common condition, which will start from the neck portion and is related to the upper shoulder.

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Sprains and strains

The sprains and strains are stretching or tearing of the ligaments, which are the tough bands of the fibrous tissue connecting two bones together in joints.

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Knee pain

It is not that difficult to come across people suffering from knee pain, especially with growing age or with some knee injuries.

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Muscle stiffness

The muscle stiffness is when the muscles start to feel tight and find it more difficult to just move than you do mostly, mainly after rest.

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Foot pain

The foot pain is one common condition when you get to feel pain right under the heel or behind it. There are various conditions resulting in such pain, including Achilles or flexor tendonitis, plantar fasciitis, Bursitis, Stress fractures, inflamed tendons, and more.

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Shortness of breathe

Also known as breathlessness or dyspnea, shortness of breath is an uneasy sensation during breathing due to lack of air. It takes place when a person is not able to breathe normally like others.

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Joint pain

It is true that every person will complain about joint pain at least once in his or her lifetime. Usually, the pain occurs in the spine in the neck and lower back region, knee, fingers, shoulders, fingers, and ankle.

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Recovery Stories

Before meeting Anup sir we've tried many other things like Ayurveda and Acupuncture. Nothing worked. But the magic hand of Anup sir showed a great sign of progress from the second session itself. He is a very efficient hand and would recommend anyone who is having issues with chronic back pain or other spinal issues.

Dr Aiswaraya is very precise, grounded, caring and talented. And I found a lot of improvements under her treatment. A big thanks to her. Dr anandita was very caring and extended good help.

I have been to many physio therapist before and treating a long issue of back pain. Eventually came to dr. Anup and with only 5 sessions my back pain was treated. And it vanished. Good professionalism and super approach by dr.Anup. Thank you so much.