Physiotherapy for Inflammation

Inflammation Treatments & Therapies

Inflammation is targeted as the body’s defense mechanism and will play a major role in the healing procedure. Whenever the body detects any intruder, it will launch a biological response in order to remove it. The attacker can be a foreign body like an irritant, pathogen, or thorn. Pathogens will include viruses, bacteria, and some other organisms, which can cause infections. 

Sometimes, the body perceives its own tissues and cells as harmful. This reaction will lead to some autoimmune diseases, like type 1 diabetes. Inflammation can provide wide ranges of chronic diseases like type-2 diabetes, obesity, heart diseases, and more.

Now, the treatment will depend on the severity and the cause. Sometimes, there is no need for the treatments at all. On the other hand, not treating the inflammation can easily result in some life-threatening symptoms. For example, during any allergic reactions, inflammation might cause severe swelling blocking the airway, making it hard for you to breathe. It is vital to have it medically treated. Some of the best physiotherapy treatments will offer quality results to your inflammation.

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Inflammation Tests

To understand the level and severity for the best Inflammation treatment, it is vital for the doctors to run some of the blood tests first on their patients. You have C-reactive protein, Erythrocyte sedimentation rate, and plasma viscosity blood tests to focus on.

ESR blood test –

ESR helps in measuring the rate at which the red blood cells start to separate from their plasma and fall at the bottom of the test tube. This rate will be measured in mm/hr. If some of the protein-covered red cells are there, those will stick to one another and cause the red cells to fall quickly.

CRP blood test –

As understood from the name, this test is to determine the level of CRP in your blood. In case the level increases when you have some diseases, those are signs of inflammation. CRP is measured in a blood sample, and it measures the level of one particular protein.

Plasma Viscosity –

PV test will monitor the same conditions that the ESR test monitors. It is one mark of inflammation. However, it is quite difficult to perform and not widely used as in ESR testing.

Physiotherapy Treatment for Inflammation

Physiotherapy helps with the symptoms of swelling and inflammation through their major knowledge and experience. With proper physiotherapists by your side, you get to reduce the swelling and speed up the inflammation procedure. It is a great way to reduce pain and improve joint movement ranges. Physiotherapy will offer self-management strategies to consider right now.

There are various numbers of treatments available for inflammation and swelling. The experienced therapists will make one major clinical judgment based on the initial assessment and then provide the correct treatment. Some of those treatments are listed below:

Physiotherapy for Inflammation treatment: Cold therapy

Also known as cryotherapy, cold therapy is used during the acute stage of soft tissue injury. It will actually involve proper use of ice or the cryo cuff for cooling down the damaged area, followed by an injury. This method is really very effective when used in conjunction with the RICE principle, standing for Rest, Injury, Compression, and Elevation. Cold therapy houses multiple benefits in early treatment states for soft tissue injury.

It helps in pain relief, reduction in dwelling, bleeding, or bruising, and even reduces muscle spasms. Most importantly, it can reduce the metallic rate at the injury site.

Physiotherapy for Inflammation treatment: Nerve compression

There are multiple treatment options for nerve compression syndrome as part of inflammation. The most appropriate treatment will be determined based on a thorough assessment. Some of those methods are wrist splint provision, cryotherapy, and elevation exercise, range of mobility exercises, electrical stimulation, core strengthening exercises and even deep breathing exercises for specific affected spots.

Physiotherapy for Inflammation treatment: Range of motion or mobility exercise

These exercises are given for specified joints, where there remains a decreased movement. These exercises are actually assisted by gravity, assisted by yourself, assisted by another person, and then finally by an external machine. The physiotherapists are proficiently trained to assess, diagnose and then finally prescribe the best range of movement or mobility exercises to those who are suffering from movement deficits.

Physiotherapy for Inflammation treatment: Electrotherapy

This procedure revolves around the application of electric current to the affected area of the body for accelerating healing and reducing swelling and pain. This method is used for treating not just inflammation but various medical conditions. There are various types of electrotherapies used, and some of those are EMS, FES, Interferential, laser, LIPUS, PSWD, TENS, and ultrasound.

Physiotherapy for Inflammation treatment: Massage

Physiotherapists rely on massage for stimulating the soft tissues in your body, like ligaments, muscles, and tendons. The main goal is to relieve the pain, improve blood circulation and then relax your body. The team of experienced physiotherapists will work on multiple techniques to reduce inflammation from the core. Some of those are deep tissue massage, kneading, stroking, and friction massages.

How PhysioTattva Can Help You Treated for Inflammation

PhysioTattva is a reputed physiotherapy center, working on multiple types of therapies, mobility exercises, specific exercises, and more. We have treated patients previously suffering from inflammation, and the results have always proven to be the best. That’s why we are able to offer you the best inflammation help through various measures, like electrotherapy, massage, cold therapy, and more

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is inflammation?

Inflammation is a procedure by which the white blood cells of the body will start to protect your body from outside invaders like viruses and bacteria.

What are the classic inflammation signs?

There are five cardinal signs associated with inflammation such as swelling, heat, redness, loss of function, and pain.

Can physiotherapy treat inflammation?

Physiotherapists use the best therapeutic treatments under cold therapy, exercises, and cold compression, to keep inflammation at bay.

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