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Neck Pain Treatments & Therapies

The neck is made out of vertebrates that start from skull to upper torso. Cervical discs will absorb shocks between bones. The ligaments, bones, and muscles of the neck will support your head and will allow for motion. Any inflammation, abnormalities, or jury might cause stiffness or neck pain. Most people will experience neck pain or stiffness occasionally. In some cases, it is because of overuse or posture. At some point, the neck pain is caused by falls, whiplash, or contact sports.

Primarily, neck pain is not a serious condition and will be relieved within a few days. But in some instances, neck pain can indicate some serious illness or injury and will need doctor’s care. In case the pain continues for over a week and remains to be severe, it is better to seek medical attention.

Procuring help from the physiotherapist will always work on the best neck pain relief. There are some simple exercises and therapeutic measures used for treating neck pain from its core. It is vital to follow the advice mentioned to get relief. If physiotherapy is not working, then the therapist will recommend you to visit surgical experts.

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Sterno Cleido Mastoid Muscle Stretching For The Sterno Cleido Mastoid Muscle | Physiotattva

This physical therapy exercise works best for neck pain treatment. This physical therapy exercise is useful in neck pain, cervical spondylitis etc. The exercise is effective for stretching the sterno cleido mastoid muscle.


The doctor will take a medical history and then do an exam for neck pain. The specialist will check for numbness, tenderness, and muscle weakness. Doctors will highly recommend imaging tests to get a better picture of the neck pain. Those options are:


X-rays will reveal areas in the neck where the spinal cord or nerves might be pinched by the bone spurs or the other degenerative changes.

CT Scan:

CT Scan will combine the x-rays taken from various directions to produce detailed cross-sectional views of the neck’s internal structure.

MRI Scan:

In an MRI, experts will use radio waves and a strong magnetic field for creating detailed images of soft tissues and bones. It will include the spinal cord and nerves as coming from the spinal cord.

It is possible to have MRI and X-ray evidence of the structural problems in the neck without any symptoms. Imaging studies are used as an adjunct to a careful history and determining the cause of pain. There are some other tests performed as well, such as:


If the neck pain is suspected to be related to a pinched nerve, the doctor will suggest EMG. It involves inserting fine needles through the skin into muscle and then performing tests for measuring the speed of the nerve conduction.

Blood tests:

The results of the blood test will provide evidence of infectious or inflammatory conditions, which are contributing to the neck pain.

Physiotherapy Treatment for Neck Pain

The most common types of mild and moderate neck pain will respond well to some of the self-care within two to three weeks. In case the pain persists, doctors will recommend some other treatments. Sometimes, the physiotherapist can also suggest some strong pain medicine and neck pain exercises to avoid the excruciating pain for the time being. Then you have muscle relaxation and even tricyclic antidepressants for relief. But, these options are temporary. For better response, going for physiotherapy for neck pain will be your main call.

Physical therapy treatment modes are mainly defined under two categories. The first one is passive physical therapy. It will involve the treatments applied without any effort from the patient’s side. There are various treatment methods available like heat therapy, ice packs, ultrasound, and massage therapy, and electrotherapy as some of the other options. The primary goal over here is to reduce neck pain and swelling and offer the best physiotherapy treatment for Neck pain, of all time.

The next common therapeutic type will be active physical therapy. It will involve the patients moving their bodies through stretches and exercises. By improving the flexibility and strength in the neck, these muscles will become less painful. It will perform better and maintain good posture, which will reduce stress on the cervical spine.

The initial phase of physical therapy for your growing neck pain will involve more passive treatments. But then you have more active treatments, which will be added as time goes on. Some of the major techniques are listed below:

Physiotherapy for Neck Pain: Physical therapy

It is a basic therapy where you will be treated for correct posture, alignment, and neck strengthening exercises. Here, iced, heat, and electrical stimulation will be used for easing out the pain.

Physiotherapy for Neck Pain: TENS

The experts over here will place the electrodes on skin near painful areas for delivering tiny electrical impulses to relieve pain.

Physiotherapy for Neck Pain: Traction

This method will use pulleys, weights, and air bladder for stretching the neck gently. Under proper supervision from a physiotherapist, this method will offer relief from some neck pain, mainly the ones related to nerve root irritation.

Physiotherapy for Neck Pain: Short-term immobilization

Here, a soft collar is used for supporting the beck to relieve it from the growing pain. It does that by putting pressure off the structures in the neck. But, if you use the soft collar for over 3 hours at a time or for more than one to two weeks, it might cause serious harm.

How PhysioTattva Can Help You Treated for Neck Pain

PhysioTattva plans to hire only the best physiotherapists in town to help patients get relief from neck pain. The methods will vary, as the team knows how to make a flexible plan based on the client’s requirements. These methods are designed to offer permanent relief from neck pain, even if it is at a crucial point.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best neck pain treatment?

Apart from medications, physiotherapy is one non-invasive method to get instant relief from your growing neck pain.

What is the fastest way to get relief?

Apply ice for the initial few days and take painkillers. But it will help to keep the pain at bay for temporary relief. It is better to give a physiotherapist a call for a detailed and long-lasting result.

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