Wax Therapy

What is wax therapy?

Wax therapy is a deep heat treatment method wherein applying heat improves mobility through heating the connective tissues. The therapy uses molten paraffin wax application to the connecting tissues, causing the muscles to relax. It also makes the joints more mobile. The therapeutic treatment is primarily used for pain in the hands and feet. Combining the therapy with personalized exercises and other mobilizing techniques come to help.

The therapists in hospitals apply molten wax on the arms and legs based on the doctor’s prescription, and assist in reducing stiffness and helps in movement before exercises. It is a safe technique but never applied at home without supervision. It is one of the most effective methods of applying heat to the connective tissues and improves mobility.

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Types of wax therapy:

Heated wax is applied to the affected area with a small amount of mineral oil. There are different types of therapies to note.

  • Dipping

In this method, the hand or foot is placed in the liquid paraffin wax bath and taken out when a thin layer of paraffin forms over the affected area. The liquid wax sticks to the skin and covers it fully. The specialists repeat the procedure up to ten times until the formation of the thick paraffin coat.

  • Applying with brush

Using a brush or applicator, wax is applied on specific parts of the hand and feet.

  • Pouring method

In this method, molten wax is poured through a utensil on the affected area and wrapped with a towel.

  • Towel method

In this method, you have to dip a bandage or towel in hot molten wax and wrap it around the affected part. It is used for the treatment of the body parts that are placed in the center.

  • Immersion

The immersion method dipping the affected body part and forms a protective covering. The immersion of the hand or feet must take place for the prescribed time or until the wax melts. Often, the padding on the edge of the container makes people more comfortable during the treatment.

Risks of Wax Therapy:

Paraffin wax used for therapeutic purposes is safe for the skin, but people with sensitive skin must exercise caution as it may result in heat rash. The heat rash manifests itself in the form of red itchy bumps on the skin, causing discomfort.

Benefits of Wax Therapy:

The application of molten paraffin wax provides cosmetic and therapeutic benefits.

Cosmetic Benefits

  • Applying paraffin wax can help in improving skin in several ways, especially in those with conditions such as scleroderma or skin hardening.
  • Paraffin wax becomes hard when cooled and when removed from the skin of the hand, it eliminates dirt and dead skin, leaving the hands smooth and soft.
  • Paraffin has emollient properties, making the skin soft,
  • The hot molten wax traps moisture through open pores, leaving the hands smoother and softer.

Therapeutic Benefits

Molten paraffin wax has several therapeutic benefits and treats ailments, such as fibromyalgia, rheumatoid arthritis, joint immobility, and osteoarthritis. Applying molten paraffin wax on the affected area increases blood flow, reduces join stiffness, and relaxes muscles. It also reduces inflammation, muscle spasms, and treats sprains.

Wax Therapy Used for Which Conditions:

The application of liquid paraffin wax benefits people in several ways.

  • Treats chronic musculoskeletal conditions that benefit from the heat that the liquid wax generates.
  • While the therapeutic treatment maintains the mobility of the joints, it also treats chronic pain occurring due to strains, fibromyalgia, sprains, and muscle spasms. Those with Sudeck’s Atrophy and rheumatoid arthritis can also benefit from wax therapy.
  • The application of molten paraffin wax reduces pain due to muscle stiffness, arthritis, or injury.
  • The heat that the paraffin wax generates pervades deep and allows the tense muscles and small joints of the hands and fingers to relax.
  • The warmth of the wax improves poor circulation and reduces inflammation.
  • Paraffin wax also helps soften hard skin, improves skin circulation, and eventually lets the joints move more easily.
  • Molten paraffin wax allows the skin to stay hydrated when it becomes dry or cracked due to cold weather, stress, or medical condition.

Who Shouldn’t have Wax Therapy?

The wax therapy is safe, but it is not safe for people with:

  • Numbness in the feet and hands
  • Open sores or rashes
  • Poor circulation
  • Diabetes
  • Inflammatory skin conditions

How to Prepare for Wax Therapy?

When preparing to apply molten paraffin wax for therapeutic or cosmetic treatment, checking the temperature is essential. While dipping the hand or foot in the heated and liquid wax, dip them a little less than before to prevent skin burns. It is necessary to check the skin for wounds, infections, and rashes. No jewelry must remain on the affected part. The fear of heat must reduce before applying wax on hands or feet.

Recovery: What Happens After Wax Therapy?

A few days after applying molten paraffin wax, the skin of the hands and feet becomes soft and hydrated. The muscle stiffness, inflammation, and pain also reduce after the therapy.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is liquid paraffin wax safe for the skin?
Molten paraffin wax is safe for the skin as it melts without being heated to high temperatures. Therefore, it can be used without burning the skin, although people with sensitive skin use it cautiously.
2. What is wax bath physiotherapy?
Wax bath therapy is an effective method to improve joint mobility through warming of the connective tissues. It is beneficial for treating painful hands or feet.
3. Does paraffin wax offer therapeutic benefits?
When applied professionally, paraffin wax offers relief from various medical conditions.
4. Should you apply paraffin wax at home?
Paraffin wax needs to be applied under professional supervision as the molten wax needs to have optimal temperature to prevent skin burns.

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