Super Inductive System| Definition, Use Cases

Super Inductive Systems are innovative therapy based on a high-intensity electromagnetic field that positively influences human tissue. SIS (a form of electromagnetic therapy) can help heal joints, support fracture healing, and improve muscle and tendon circulation.

Super Inductive systems offer a series of benefits that we will discuss in detail below.

An Introduction to Super Inductive System

Super Inductive systems are a series of effective treatment options that utilize gentle pulses of electromagnetic energy to facilitate healing in the body. These electric pulses can help muscles heal faster as they aid the body's natural healing process, which is also based on electric pulses. Various frequency levels can be used to treat joint mobilization, heal tissues, and relieve pain and inflammation.

What Does Super Inductive System Do

The Super Inductive System uses electromagnetic pulses to help treat injuries. It works with different theories of pain management and aims to optimize the use of electromagnetic pulses and their impact on the human body in a positive manner.

What Are the Potential Use Cases of Super Inductive System

Super Inductive Systems are effective in various forms of human body healing. The ability to work with electromagnetic pulses that aid the natural pulses of the body to heal can help quicken the healing process and strengthen joints and muscles. These are just a few of SIS' benefits. Further, it can be helpful in several cases, as mentioned below.

Pain Management

Electromagnetic pulses have been proven to help in the healing process of joints and muscles. The body emits natural pulses that aid in the recovery of tendon and muscle injury that can accelerate through SIS methods. This can provide a positive impact on pain and effectively reduce inflammation.

This can help reduce soreness in the muscles and accelerate cell growth.

Joint Mobilization

Super Inductive Systems can treat stiffness in the joints through gentle, repetitive pulses of electromagnetic energy. These pulses can help improve joint mobilization and increase circulation and action of the joints. With time, it can even help strengthen the joints and increase joint mobilization.

Heals Fracture

Super Inductive systems can effectively improve blood circulation to the muscles and bones. This can accelerate the healing of a fractured bone, which often takes about six weeks. The additional support of the pulses can help reduce inflammation and fasten bone growth, effectively improving healing.


Electromagnetic pulses are often used by high-performing athletes and professionals who engage in rigorous physical activities as it helps provide relief to soreness and injury to muscles. SIS can help strengthen muscles and tendons through improved blood circulation, faster cell recovery, reduced inflammation and soreness, and effectively ensure that the body is less prone to injuries.

Spasticity Reduction

Spasticity is a condition with sudden and abnormal muscle stiffness that reduces mobility in a person. This can occur due to a lack of movement, stress, and certain medication conditions. SIS can help manage such stiffness of the muscles as it helps increase mobility through the pulses and provides soothing massage-like relief.

Improved Blood Circulation

One of the most common benefits of using SIS is ensuring improved blood circulation in the person. The pulses are conducted at specific frequencies that boost blood circulation by stimulating cells and the nerves in the individual. This can help with various benefits, such as faster cell healing, better strengthening, and healing of joints and muscles.

Get SIS Done Right With Physiotattva

Physiotattva is equipped with some of the most advanced machinery that facilitates SIS. Our labs are approved by governing agencies and have offered high-quality care by professionals in the field for decades.

Our teams of physiotherapists and medical professionals will be able to identify the right kind of SIS therapy needed for your needs. Drop us a message, and our teams will get back to you soon!

Frequently Asked Questions

What happens after SIS treatment?
After an SIS treatment, you may experience a sense of a relaxed state of muscles and joints. You can also experience improved mobility in joints and muscles.
Is Super Inductive System Right for Me
SIS can be effective in treating various forms of joint and muscle-related injuries. However, it is best advised to consult a medical professional to understand if it is a safe practice for you.

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