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Who Is a Physiotherapist, and What Do They Do?

A physiotherapist (also called a physical therapist) works with clients to improve their physical health, reduce pain, improve mobility and balance, and more. Doctors refer people to physiotherapists for recovery from different ailments. These could be after an injury, accident, or even physiological disorders that affect the body's mobility and functioning.

A physiotherapist works with the clients to identify the source of the pain or issue and creates a detailed plan to work toward recovery. They use various approaches to accelerate healing. These professionals usually hold a BPT (Bachelor of Physiotherapy) or MPT (Master of Physiotherapy) Degree.

Physiotherapists With Unparalleled Expertise @ Physiotattva

At Physiotattva, our goal has always been to improve recovery experiences for all who walk through our doors. To facilitate this, we have invested in state-of-art physiotherapy clinics, advanced equipment, and, most importantly, the best physiotherapists. 

The physiotherapists at Physiotattva come with unmatched expertise and experience. Combined with our holistic treatment philosophy, they guide individuals toward complete recovery. Our professionals also focus on empathy while treating to ensure the individuals are as comfortable as possible on their journey to recovery. 

Where do Physiotherapists work?

Physiotherapists usually work with the medical team in a hospital or nursing home. Larger hospitals generally have a dedicated physiotherapy department to ensure comprehensive treatment. Physiotherapists may also have an independent practice where they see clients. Physiotherapists may also be part of organizations dedicated only to physiotherapy. Physiotattva is a venture dedicated solely to physiotherapy and treating various physical ailments people face. 

Pain Assessment and Identification at Malleswaram, Bangalore

People face different types and severities of pain depending on their condition. A physiotherapist is adept at identifying the kind of pain, the reasons behind it, and assessing its severity. They do this by undertaking a comprehensive examination/assessment of the client and evaluating their findings post that. They also constantly assess a client's progress through the recovery process. 

Intervention and Treatment at Malleswaram, Bangalore

Post-identification, physiotherapists chart out a dedicated treatment plan for the individual. Physiotattva employs the most advanced treatment options tailored to fit an individual's unique needs. Our physiotherapists also consult the individuals and their families to understand what is convenient for them while ensuring that recovery is not compromised.

Types of physiotherapy

Different types of physiotherapy can be employed depending on the individual's condition and its severity. These types focus on treating the underlying disease and leveraging special devices and tools to accelerate recovery. A physiotherapist usually specializes in one or many of these fields. 


Musculoskeletal physiotherapy deals with the various ailments of the human skeletal system and muscles. These could range from recovery after a muscle tear to learning to use one's leg after a significant fracture. People who pick up injuries during sports or have been in accidents usually need this treatment to return to optimal functioning. 


Multiple neurological conditions can cause physical issues in a person. Conditions like dementia and stroke can cause a person to have problems with mobility, balance, coordination, and more. It could even make people a fall risk. A physiotherapist helps people regain their physical rigor after such events and allows them to live entire lives. 


Cardiothoracic issues include lung problems, cardiac issues, and more. The aftermath of these issues has breathing problems, loss of stamina, need for weight loss, and much more. A physiotherapist employs cardiothoracic physiotherapy to accelerate recovery and improve clinical outcomes. 

Types of treatment in physiotherapy

Various treatment modalities are used in physiotherapy to accelerate recovery. After a thorough assessment, the physiotherapist chooses from a wide range of treatment approaches and picks the optimal ones to ensure recovery. Based on this, a treatment plan is created that provides holistic healing. 

Manual therapies

Manual therapies form a significant part of what a physiotherapist does. It includes crucial things like joint manipulation and mobilization (including spinal mobilization), ensuring a body remains active, reducing pain, and addressing critical issues clients face. Manual therapy also includes manual resistance training and stretching, which help with the agility and flexibility of the body. 

Exercise programs

In many conditions, unregulated and unscientific exercise routines cause more harm than good. Physiotherapists identify the critical areas of concern for the client and create an exercise regimen that targets and solves these concerns. These include exercises for muscle strengthening, posture retraining, and cardiovascular stretching and training.

Electrotherapy techniques

In many cases, electrotherapy techniques help treat issues the client's faces. These could be neurological issues, musculoskeletal disorders, and more. Methods used under electrotherapy include Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation (TENS), laser therapy, diathermy, and ultrasound.

Affordable Price That Doesn't Dig a Hole in Your Pocket

Everyone is looking for a great deal. At Physiotattva, we offer precisely that. Our state-of-the-art physiotherapy centers, expert professionals, and advanced equipment create a unique and effective recovery process. The icing on the cake? All of this comes at an affordable price! We even have recovery plans that can be personalized depending on what you need!

Home Service at Malleswaram, Bangalore

Physiotattva offers advanced home recovery services for those who cannot make it to our advanced centers. Our expert professionals will assess you, chart a treatment program, and apply advanced recovery approaches, all in the comfort of your home.

Clinic Service at Malleswaram, Bangalore

Physiotattva has state-of-the-art physiotherapy clinics across Malleswaram, Bangalore. Find the nearest center and experience accelerated recovery. We achieve this by combining our expert professionals and advanced treatment approaches at each center. Visit us today!

Extended Sessions at Malleswaram, Bangalore

We also offer extended therapy sessions for individuals who need them. Our physiotherapists will recommend these sessions, their duration, and what exactly they hope to achieve with the same while charting out your recovery program.

Why Choose Physiotattva?

Physiotattva is an initiative of the Cadabams-Brahmbhatt Group and provides advanced physiotherapy services in various cities across the country. We leverage technology and professional expertise to create unique recovery experiences.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What physiotherapist can treat?

Physiotherapists can treat a wide variety of issues. These include musculoskeletal disorders, cardiopulmonary problems, neurological disorders, pediatric disorders, and much more.

What Are the Charges of Physiotherapy near me?

The charges of a physiotherapist vary. It depends on whether they are part of a hospital or an independent practitioner. At Physiotattva, we consider your unique needs to create a personalized treatment plan with custom pricing.

Who is a physiotherapist?

A physiotherapist (also called a physical therapist) specializes in improving a person's physical health and reducing pain.

When should I see a physiotherapist?

Usually, a doctor or other medical professional will refer a person to a physiotherapist when they feel it is necessary. Beyond this, a person can also consult a physical therapist if they think their daily body pain or injury affects their regular functioning.

When should I see a doctor, and when should I see a physiotherapist?

You should see a physiotherapist for pain management or an exercise plan. A doctor will be able to help you with medication management or diagnosis.

Can a physiotherapist perform surgery?

No, a physiotherapist cannot perform surgery.