The tremors are mainly defined as involuntary or rhythmic oscillatory movements and are also considered to be a common form of movement disorders. It can be the symptom of various neurological conditions like head injuries, cerebellar dysfunction, or Parkinson’s disease. Essential tremor is one neurological condition, which can be characterized by some uncontrollable shaking in the chin, head, arms, and hands. You will also see an increase in prevalence with various ethnicities, ages, and those with a family history of some essential tremors.

There are various types of hand tremors and other options available. Some of those are action tremors, resting tremors, dystonic tremors, and postural tremors. Moreover, tremor management will depend a lot on the causes related to tremors. As there are some involuntary movements, they can actually signify the activities of daily living and will cause some major psychological stress to the patient.

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Some of the essential tremors symptoms will include the following signs:

  • Worsening with movement
  • Starting gradually, usually prominent towards one side of the body
  • Tremors in hand mostly first, affecting either one or both hands
  • Adding up a “yes-yes” or “no-no” motions of the head
  • Might get a bit aggravated by fatigue, emotional stress, temperature extremes, or caffeine

The difference between essential tremor and Parkinson’s disease:

Most people might end up associating tremors with Parkinson’s disease. But the conditions will differ in some major ways.

  • Tremor timing:

Essential hand tremors will take place when you use your hands. Tremors from Parkinson’s disease are quite prominent when the hands remain at the side or just resting on your lap.

  • Associated conditions:

Essential tremors will not cause other problems, but Parkinson’s disease is related to slow movement, shuffling gait, and stooped posture. But, people with essential tremors can sometimes develop major neurological issues like unsteady gait.

  • Parts of the affected body:

Essential tremors will involve the head, voice, and hands. Parkinson’s disease tremors will start with your hands and then gradually affecting the chin, legs, and other body parts.


Around half of the cases result from a genetic mutation. This is also called familial tremor. It is not that clear what the main hand tremors causes are in people without any genetic mutation. Some of the problems categorized are:

  • Neurological disorders
  • Certain side effects of medicines
  • Alcohol use disorder or alcohol withdrawal
  • Mercury poisoning
  • Hyperthyroidism
  • Kidney or liver failure
  • Panic or anxiety attack

When to See Physiotherapist

Once you are aware of the types of tremors, you are well-acquainted with the time when you need to visit a physiotherapist. If you are feeling the tremor in your hand and spreading gradually to other parts of the body, it is time to visit a physiotherapist. If you are having trouble holding a glass or cup without spilling or cannot normally eat because of trembling hands, then you need to visit your physiotherapist right now.


Some of the known risk factors associated with tremor are listed below:

  • Age:

Essential tremor is pretty common in people over the age group of 40 or more.

  • Genetic Mutation:

There is always an inherited variation of familiar tremors, and that is the autosomal dominant disorder. It means a defective gene from any parent has been passed on the condition. In case you have a parent suffering from genetic mutation for the essential tremor, then you have a 50% chance of developing the same within you.

How to Prevent

If you are trying hard to reduce or relieve tremors, then the best exercise for hand tremors is always welcoming. Physiotherapists are here to answer your call. But there are some other ways you can prevent the risk of tremor to a certain extent.

  • Avoid caffeine as much as you can, along with other stimulants, which can increase the chances of tremors.
  • Make sure to use alcohol sparingly if you cannot give it up completely. Some people will feel the tremor improving after drinking alcohol. Tremors will worsen once the effects wear off. Even increased alcohol can be used for relieving tremors, which might lead to alcoholism.
  • Always try to relax. Anxiety and stress will worsen the tremor. So, being relaxed will improve the tremor. Even though you cannot completely eliminate stress from your life, but you can lower the extremity.


Going in for the best tremor treatment is really important and for that, visiting a reputed physiotherapist is a smart move. Medical management always depends on the pathology responsible for the tremors. Some of the usual drugs prescribed by doctors are beta-blockers, anti-seizure medications, dopamine, and more.

Sometimes, physical therapy for body tremors will be combined with the medicines used for minimizing the effects of tremors. It helps in keeping control over severe tremor conditions. Moreover, resisted exercises like a resistance band, tube, or dumbbells are used for keeping track of the tremors in the extremities.

For those tremors, as seen in the neck and head, the exercises are solely focusing on establishing voluntary control over the movements. The core strength training can also be added to the proper rehab programs. Sometimes, reliable physiotherapists will perform behavioral training and relaxation-based training to decrease the severe level of the tremors.

Related Conditions

If the tremor is getting way out of hand and needed control, then visiting a physiotherapist will be a major call. They can also help to relieve you from growing stress and muscle fatigue as related conditions.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do you keep getting tremors?

The most common reasons behind tremors will be ingesting way too much caffeine, stressing out about life, and muscle fatigue.

What food can help tremors?

Mediterranean diet has the power to lower the risk of essential tremors. Some of those are cereals, fish, vegetables, fruits, and legumes.

What is the best treatment for tremors?

Some medications like beta-blockers can help in keeping your tremor under check. On the other hand, some physical exercises will do the trick as well.

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