Reason to Opt for A Qualified and Experienced Physiotherapy Doctor in Bangalore

Physiotherapy Doctor Program

A physiotherapy doctor in Bangalore is professionally known as a physiotherapist. Physiotherapy doctors in Bangalore are registered with the physiotherapy association of India or the physiotherapy regulatory body. They are well trained and have years of experience.

Key Responsibilities of the Physiotherapy Doctor

• Some of the responsibilities include:

• evaluating and diagnosing pain and disability

• preparing the patient

• helping the patient with post-operative care

Physiotherapists have to conduct diagnostic tests and perform therapeutic exercises on their patients. They also use equipment such as electrotherapy machines, TENS, and walking stress test machines.

Job of the Physiotherapy Doctor

Here is a brief description of some of the important jobs of physiotherapists:

• The most common job is treating injured muscles and joints of patients.

• They are licensed by the regulatory body and should undertake all the necessary training for this job.

• A highly qualified physiotherapist should have at least 4 years specialized training in physical therapy.

• They should then undergo additional courses in fitness and rehabilitation.

• And during their studies, they should have undergone classes in anatomy and physiology, as well as courses in nursing and health care management.

The most common problem that physiotherapy doctor is expected to solve is back pain. Almost all of the physiotherapists in India deal with back pain. This profession involves special techniques and postures which are meant to relieve pain and prevent further injury.

Experts in Sports Injuries

Some of the physiotherapy doctors in India specialize in treating sports injuries. They use special equipment like customized boards to measure and examine a patient's sporting injuries. If a doctor suspects any serious damage to an athlete's limb, they might refer them to a sports medicine doctor for a proper diagnosis and treatment.

Physiotherapy Doctor for Arthritis and Joint Pain

The other most common problem which physiotherapy doctor in Bangalore is expected to solve is arthritis and joint pain. They will also conduct physical therapy and prescribe medication if needed. As a physical therapist, he will use various therapeutic techniques such as massage, heat treatment, and hydrotherapy. Heat treatment is meant to reduce swelling in affected areas and reduce pain.

There are many other jobs that physiotherapy doctor in Bangalore can perform apart from just treating patients. In fact, many physiotherapists work with physiotherapy doctors and take care of other patients suffering from different ailments. This job involves a wide range of activities such as monitoring the vital signs of patients, conducting physical examinations, and helping patients choose the best physiotherapy treatment method. Some physiotherapists even specialize by becoming specialists in a particular ailment. For example, some become physiotherapists to treat tennis elbow, shoulder pain, or foot pain.

Physiotherapy Specialist

To become a physiotherapy doctor, one needs to undergo specialized studies from an accredited physiotherapy college. After graduating, one has to pass an examination conducted by the physiotherapy council of India. After passing the examination, one can be termed as a physiotherapy doctor. Job opportunities in India are expected to grow fast due to the increased demand for physiotherapy and the need for specialized professionals in this field. India is an emerging country with well-qualified physiotherapists and they can look forward to a bright future.

Growing Demand of Physiotherapy Doctors

Due to the growing demand for physiotherapy doctors in India, many private physiotherapy institutions in India are now established. These institutions provide education in physiotherapy along with practical training to physiotherapists and other health care professionals. Many people who want to pursue a doctorate also opt for physiotherapy residency in various parts of the world. These come at a very low price and offer many benefits such as learning experience, exposure to international practice, specialization in a particular area of medicine, and a fast track towards a master's degree in physiotherapy.

Educational Level of Physiotherapy Professionals

Aspiring physiotherapy doctors can opt for a diploma in physiotherapy. These diploma programs has three to five years of course work depending upon the physiotherapy doctor's educational qualification. The first two years of physiotherapy degree course work mainly focus on core clinical skills like manual techniques, physiotherapy techniques, diagnosis, management of patients' symptoms, post operative management, etc. The third year of the degree program mainly focuses on theory and research. In the physiotherapy doctor diploma program, the students also gain knowledge in areas like rehabilitation, medical ethics, patient safety and counselling, health promotion, etc.

On the completion of the course, physiotherapists can choose to take up a specialised physiotherapy doctor course. These physiotherapy doctor courses are specialized in a particular field of physiotherapy. After receiving their doctor degree, physiotherapists can look forward to starting employment in private practices or in hospital settings where they can use their skills to help physiotherapists or other physiotherapy professionals.


Hence, a qualified Physiotherapy Doctor with hands-on experience in the relevant field can efficiently perform various duties like managing pain, performing exercises, and assessments. In addition to all these things, a physical doctor will also possess experience in the medical science of physiotherapy.