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Physiotherapist Cost in Bangalore

Who is a Physiotherapist?

Physiotherapy is a medical treatment that helps restore movement and function when one is affected by injury, illness, or disability. It is a branch of healthcare professionals who assess, diagnose and treat to prevent disease and disability.  The people who study and practice this profession are called physiotherapists.  

How to become a qualified Physiotherapist?

The best way to become a qualified physiotherapist is to have the required qualifications, ideally to the master's level. Having the necessary qualifications helps stand out more. This will also aid you better if you have previous work experience as well.

How can one become a Physiotherapist?

To become a physiotherapist in India one must have the following qualifications:

  • Do Science in the 12th standard with subjects such as Biology, Physics, and Chemistry as mandatory papers.
  • Follow up with an undergraduate degree, ideally one which is with a specialization in physiotherapy, where you have similar papers dealing with elements such as physiology, biology, chemistry, physics, medicine, and related fields.
  • Ideally, this should be followed up with a postgraduate degree with the same idea.

Physiotherapist Cost in Bangalore

A physiotherapist's fees start at Rs 800 each session and go higher from there. It is determined by a number of factors, including the physiotherapist's experience and the number of sessions recommended by the professional.

How safe is chiropractic therapy?

Chiropractic treatment is generally a low-risk one, but there are some side effects that should be considered. There is muscle soreness for a day or two after the treatment, as well as a sense of stiffness. There could be a level of joint pain, nothing too much, and also a little bit of fatigue. There are complications that can occur, but those usually only happen when you are seeking medical care from an unlicensed person- so it is best to go to a professional who is good at what they do, and are qualified to do it. 

Physiotherapist at Physiotattva

At Physiotattva we believe in putting the patients’ needs first- which is why we hire only the best of the best in the fields. We have the most experienced individuals under us, who offer the best service. The treatment is generally harmless if done well and with the right (and qualified) professional. 


Physiotherapy is a budding area that is coming up in modern times. There are a lot of things which physiotherapy is prescribed by doctors, as it can help with the treatment of various sorts of physical ailments. Pursuing the degrees is essential to becoming a physiotherapist, and in most cases to better your career it is better to get masters done as well. 


How much does physiotherapy cost in Bangalore?

Physiotherapist Bangalore cost varies depending on the clinic. Prices start at Rs 800 each session, however, they vary depending on the professional, their level of experience, and the number of sessions or packages required for recovery.

How much does a physiotherapist charge in India?

Professionals known as physiotherapists assist us in overcoming discomfort. The cost of a physiotherapist in the country varies from location to area and from expert to professional. Depending on the city, the professional, and the package selected, fees might range from Rs 800 and higher. 

Is physiotherapy worth the money?

Depends on the particular case- but in general, we can say that yes it is worth the money. This is an effective method of getting back on one’s feet (in some cases literally). The treatment is usually prescribed for pain-related problems, and if you go to a good physiotherapist who will prescribe the right techniques then it is definitely a good idea. 

Is a physiotherapist a doctor?

A physiotherapist’s qualification includes a specific degree in physiotherapy at the undergraduate level as well as the postgraduate level, whereas a doctor has the degrees of MBBS as well as specializations after that. According to a Supreme Court ruling, only those having done the MBBS degree are allowed to put a doctor in front of their names. So, therefore, no, a physiotherapist isn’t a doctor, they are usually who we go to for a specific kind of treatment after the doctor recommends them to us,

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