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Physiotherapist near Habsiguda

Physiotherapists specialise in helping patients suffering from pain or injury regain mobility and functionality through physical therapy, exercise, and more. The treatment offered by physical therapists ensures diagnosis, treatment, rehabilitation, and better health. Physiotherapists also help prevent further debilitating of physical health.

Physiotherapist Murali

Murali is an expert physiotherapist with rich experience in helping patients get complete relief from their aches and pains. He is known for their meticulous evaluation of our condition to reach the right diagnosis. Murali is a certified physiotherapist, known for delivering effective treatment from a number of musculoskeletal conditions.

Murali is an expert at treating lifestyle disorders that occur due to poor posture and help in transforming your lifestyle. He is also experienced in treating arthritis, post-surgical conditions, neurological conditions, and post-covid rehabilitation.

Physiotherapist Sridar

Sridar is a certified physiotherapist with varied experience in treating patients with a number of ailments. He is an expert in treating back pain, neck pain, headache, TMJ disorders, slipped disc, scoliosis, and arthritis among others. He is adept at dealing with mechanical pain within the musculoskeletal system.

Sridar offers one-on-one consultations for patients to ensure effective and safe treatment and care for all. He also offers the best physiotherapy modalities in Habsiguda for effective relief from pain.

Physiotherapist Khyati

Khyati is a certified physiotherapist known for her experience in providing pre and post-surgical physiotherapy. She is skilled at treating patients with frozen shoulder, knee osteoarthritis, low backache, tennis elbow, and neck pain. She is proficient in providing relief from pain with the best physiotherapy techniques and choicest modalities.

Khyati is an expert in treating patients that need physiotherapy treatment post-treatment at a hospital. She also specialises in neuro and geriatric rehab and is adept at vestibular rehabilitation.

Services in Physiotherapy

Sports Injury Physiotherapy in Habsiguda

Physiotattva is the finest physiotherapy centre for Sports injury treatment in Habsiguda. You can find specialised sports injury treatment and prevention regimes from expert physiotherapists to enhance your performance.

Neuro physiotherapy rehab in Habsiguda

Physiotattva is a leading Neuro Physiotherapy Rehab Centre in Habsiguda. They specialise in providing neurological rehabilitation through expert care and state-of-the-art therapy equipment.

Musculoskeletal physiotherapy in Habsiguda

Find the best musculoskeletal physiotherapy treatment in Habsiguda at Physiotattva. Get relief from your musculoskeletal ailments by effective physiotherapy treatment from qualified and experienced physiotherapists.

Post-surgery rehabilitation in Habsiguda

Physiotattva is a renowned physiotherapy clinic with specialised post-surgery rehabilitation in Habsiguda. You can avail yourself of unparalleled expertise from experienced physiotherapists and avant-garde therapy equipment.

Pediatric rehabilitation in Habsiguda

Physiotattva is the go-to physiotherapy clinic in Habsiguda for pediatric rehabilitation. From treating torticollis to cerebral palsy, they hold expertise in therapeutically managing varied pediatric conditions.

Vestibular rehabilitation in Habsiguda

Physiotattva is one of the best physiotherapy clinics in Habsiguda for Vestibular rehabilitation. The physiotherapists at Physiotattva meticulously work to get back your lost balance and rhythm.

Chiropractor treatment in Habsiguda

Physiotattva provides the finest advanced chiropractic treatment in Habsiguda. Their thorough evaluation of your posture and movement analysis helps them effectively eliminate any pain and movement faults.

Geriatric physiotherapy in Habsiguda

Physiotherapists at the Habsiguda Clinic at Physiotattva are proficient in treating geriatric patients. They are adept at geriatric physiotherapy and are focused on improving overall geriatric health and wellness.

Women’s health physiotherapy in Habsiguda

Physiotattva is a renowned physiotherapy clinic in Habsiguda for Women’s health physiotherapy. Their expert physiotherapists tirelessly improved awareness of health and wellness among women through physiotherapy treatment and prevention regimes.

Why Physiotattva?

With a patient-oriented approach, we at Physiotattva strive to provide services for pain management to patients while bettering their quality of life. Having helped more than 5000 patients get on the road to recovery, we are dedicated to treating every issue at the root.

Apart from a focused treatment plan, we are also allied with various healthcare institutions that seamlessly work through every phase of your treatment. The equipment used to treat our patients come with high-quality certifications and guarantee effective outcomes. Our aim to ensure holistic treatment and complete relief from pain has made us renowned in healthcare services.