Pediatric Physiotherapy

What is Pediatric Physiotherapy?

Pediatric Physiotherapy in Bangalore and Pediatric Physiotherapy in Hyderabad helps out children to achieve their final physical development. Pediatric Physiotherapists are noted for their specialized knowledge in development, movement, and the conditions, which will affect the baby and growing children. These professionals are known for their skills to treat babies from 1 day old to adolescents.

The treatments will involve mobilization, soft tissue massage, stretching exercises, specific therapeutic exercises, and proper education on postures. As children are not small adults, these physiotherapists have to encourage little ones to move to their best of abilities through age-appropriate fun and playful instructions.

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Types of Pediatric Physiotherapies

There are various ways to help little children to attain their full bodily development with Pediatric Physiotherapy Exercises, and it is up to the physical therapists to achieve the same for these kids. There are various pediatric physiotherapy services available in Bangalore and pediatric physiotherapy services available in Hyderabad. Those are:

  • Neurological pediatric physiotherapy
  • Respiratory pediatric physiotherapy
  • Developmental pediatric physiotherapy
  • Learning difficulties physiotherapy

When to See Pediatric Physiotherapy Clinic

There are some significant symptoms, which will make it clear to the parents to visit a Pediatric Physiotherapist in Bangalore or Pediatric Physiotherapist in Hyderabad right away. Do check out the points mentioned below to be on the safer side:

  • When the kid is facing problems with balance, posture, gross motor skills, and coordination.
  • When he is facing some nervous system or muscle problems, resulting in weakness, pain, or difficulties in movement.
  • When you need some physical activity and weight growth advice for your little kids.
  • When your kid suffered from growth or sports injuries to the ligaments, muscles, joints, and bones.

Risks of Pediatric Physiotherapy Diseases

There are multiple pediatric diseases or issues which need to be taken care of under the strict guidance of physiotherapists. If not taken care of on time, the disorders might get way out of hand and difficult to work with. Some of the issues faced by little kids are:

  • Autism
  • Cerebral palsy
  • Epilepsy
  • Asperger’s syndrome
  • Delayed milestone
  • Late Walker
  • Clumsiness
  • Poor Handwriting
  • Coordination Issues
  • Chest Infections
  • Fatigue
  • Ineffective cough
  • Secretions
  • Shortness of breath
  • Reduced exercise tolerance
  • Congenital disorders
  • Developmental disorders like dyspraxia and ataxia
  • Head injuries
  • Spinal cord disease
  • Cancers of spinal cord and brain
  • Peripheral nerve injuries
  • Learning difficulties

How to Prevent Pediatric Physiotherapy diseases

Preventive physiotherapy is one way to keep your kids disease-free. Helping them to learn the new walks of life from a tender age will keep the cognitive and physical issues at bay. Getting them in close contact with a well-trained physiotherapist immediately after some basic symptoms will prevent the issue from getting way out of hand. Preventive health is often reported as an underexposed aspect of the healthcare system.

Any intervention or program that can be used for improving the current emotional and physical health of little kids, in the long run, will decrease the chances of incurring any illness or injury.

Pediatric Physiotherapy Treatments

Learning more about the proper pediatric physiotherapy treatments will eventually help out parents to know exactly where they should take their kids for the next session. Some of the major treatments are listed below for better understanding.

  • Neurological pediatric physiotherapy:

Neurological problems are associated with the spinal cord, brain, and peripheral nerves. Children suffering from neurological conditions might experience difficulties with their physical functions like movement range, strength, balance, and mobility. Some of the treatments for this section will be stretching, strengthening, balance training, re-educating normal movement patterns, and milestone development.

  • Respiratory pediatric physiotherapy:

Premature babies are known to have multiple respiratory complications as the lungs fail to develop properly. Then you have other bacterial or viral infections leading to respiratory problems. For that, the pediatric physiotherapist will work on special treatments like positioning advice, lung clearance techniques, breathing exercises, inhaler technique-related advice, and pediatric physiotherapy exercises for improving overall fitness.

  • Developmental physiotherapy:

There are various causes of developmental issues like generic problems, pregnancy issues, or problems during the early infancy level. For that, the reputed physiotherapists will target some special treatment techniques to follow, such as techniques to improve muscle strength, posture, coordination, and balance, improved independence in daily living activities, techniques to follow crawling, sitting, and standing, and advice to improve confidence levels.

  • Learning difficulties pediatric physiotherapy:

There are multiple learning difficulties, and some of them can be lifelong if the children are not given proper treatments on time. The physiotherapists will work hard to help the kids learn new skills, understand complex information and work on effective communicative modules. Some of the other treatments will include functional activity exercises, movement techniques, postural education and exercises, hydrotherapy, and advice to the relatives and caregivers.

Related Conditions

Not just the basic neurological and cognitive issues, but if your kid is suffering from physical injuries, then visiting a Pediatric Physiotherapist is a good call. Some of the related conditions to be taken care of are coordination issues, Chest infections, Fatigue, Ineffective cough, Secretions, and more.

Frequently Asked Questions

When should you visit a Pediatric Physiotherapist?
Not every possible delay in motor skill development will attribute to an injury or disease. PTs can actually help your kid to improve strength, balance, and motor skills. In case the little one is missing his milestone, then you need to have them evaluated by visiting a Pediatric Physiotherapist for some help with pediatric conditions in physiotherapy.
What does a Pediatric Physiotherapist do for your child?
The Pediatric Physiotherapist specializes in assessing and then treating children right from birth to their adolescent period. He works with children suffering from musculoskeletal, developmental, respiratory, and neurological conditions. These Pediatric Physiotherapists work closely with the teachers, GPs, and school nurses for assessing the individual needs of the little ones.
How does physiotherapy help children with cerebral palsy?
The Pediatric Physiotherapist will define some exercises based on everyday activities for increasing muscle control and strength so that your little kid is able to shift body weight and balance better. There are some exercises for increasing mobility to improve walking and standing without aid.

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