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Top 10 Physiotherapists in Bangalore | Physiotattva

Top 10 Best Physiotherapists in Bangalore

Physiotherapists help people who have been wounded, ill, or incapacitated by providing mobility and exercise, manual therapy, education, and counseling. They keep people of all ages healthy by supporting patients with pain management and sickness prevention. By allowing people to continue in occupations while still being self-sufficient for as long as possible, the profession assists in growth and rehabilitation. Physiotherapy may be beneficial to you at any age. Physiotherapy may help with back discomfort, a sudden injury, managing long-term medical issues like asthma, and preparing for childbirth or a sporting event.

Physiotherapist in Bangalore: Doctor Khyati Singh

Dr. Khyati Singh is a board-certified physiotherapist with extensive expertise in pre-and post-operative physiotherapy. Frozen shoulder, knee osteoarthritis, low backache, tennis elbow, and neck discomfort are among her specialties. She is skilled in providing pain treatment using the most advanced physiotherapy techniques and modalities. Dr. Khyati Singh specializes in treating patients who require physiotherapy following hospitalization. She is also skilled in vestibular therapy and specializes in neuro and geriatric rehabilitation.

Physiotherapist in Bangalore: Doctor Meena P

Dr. Meena P (PT) is a skilled physiotherapist who has worked with patients suffering from a variety of musculoskeletal and neurological conditions. She is well-known for her commitment to treating patients and believes in physiotherapy as a means of providing the best possible treatment. 

Meena is a licensed chiropractor who specializes in treating musculoskeletal issues. Dr. Meena P (PT) has extensive expertise with Kinesio taping, cupping treatment, and dry needling to treat patients. She is also a skilled female chiropractor who specializes in the treatment of pelvic and fertility-related issues.

Physiotherapist in Bangalore: Doctor Shankara GM

Dr. Shankara G M (PT) is a Certified Physiotherapist with over 4 years of expertise in giving pain treatment to patients. He graduated from Navodaya Medical College in Raichur with a Bachelor's degree in Physiotherapy and MS Ramaiah Medical College in Bengaluru with a Master's degree in Physiotherapy. He's also earned a number of complementary treatment qualifications geared at reducing pain and enhancing musculoskeletal strength and function. 

Dr. Shankara G M (PT) specializes in musculoskeletal problems, sports injuries, post-operative cardiovascular illnesses, and neurological disorders. He thinks that everyone should have access to the finest possible healthcare through physical therapy. He's also working to raise awareness about the benefits of physical therapy and is turning out to be one of the best sports physiotherapists Bangalore is seeing.

Physiotherapist in Bangalore: Doctor Hemalatha

Hemalatha is a licensed physiotherapist with extensive expertise in assisting patients who require the finest pain treatment possible due to their ailments. Her post-hospitalization recovery is well-known. She has treated patients suffering from back pain, knee discomfort, shoulder pain, frozen shoulder, and ankle sprains. She also has child physiotherapy experience and believes in providing the highest quality virtual rehab care to all patients.

Physiotherapist in Bangalore: Doctor Jojo Jose

Dr. Jojo Jose is a skilled physiotherapist and a Physiotattva-certified clinical physiotherapist. Mr. Jose is a 2013 graduate who began his work at an early age and hopes to attain more success in the future. With over 4 years of experience in the area, he has established a reputable name in the field of physiotherapy. Neuro-physiotherapy and geriatric care are his areas of competence.

Physiotherapist in Bangalore: Doctor Farhin Firoz

Because of her great educational background, DrFarhin is without a doubt one of the top physiotherapy near me. She finished her education in 2012 and was prepared to pursue the highest-killing job in physiotherapy, which she did in 2016. She also earned a first-class percentage in a master's degree in neurology after completing her bachelor's degree. Dr. Farhin was determined to build a stellar career by obtaining various certifications after earning her master's degree in 2019. Within two years, she had obtained roughly six different certificates, making her one of the most knowledgeable females in the field of physiotherapy near me. She began her career as a senior physiotherapist at the Helping Hand Physiotherapy Center, which was formerly known as the finest physiotherapy center near me due to her skill. She

Physiotherapist in Bangalore: Doctor Joy Deboral

Dr. Joy received her education at Vijayanagar's St. Rohith School. Her major goal has always been to assist individuals with joint pain, such as knee pain, and to assist people with knee pain physiotherapy treatment while she was in school. She subsequently pursued her schooling at Malleshwaram's Govt. PU College for Girls. 

She had always wanted to be a successful physiotherapist, so she went on to Padmashree Institute of Physiotherapy to further her study in the field. She was an outstanding student who excelled throughout her academic career. Because of her expertise, Dr. Joy would always be a great choice for anyone seeking ladies' physiotherapy near me.

Physiotherapist in Bangalore: Doctor Vinay Vakeel

Dr. Vinay graduated from RV College of Physiotherapy in 2014 with a bachelor's degree in physiotherapy and has worked at Apollo Hospital and NIMHANS. He received a certificate in full-body chiropractic therapy. Following his bachelor's degree, he went on to The Oxford College of Physiotherapy to pursue his master's degree in 2016. 

He worked at Apollo Hospital, Fortis Hospital, and other well-known hospitals. Dr. Vinay is a well-known and well-respected physiotherapist and chiropractor. Aside from that, Dr. Vinay has a number of credentials, including advanced fitness training, nutrition, and more. He's also taken a number of online courses to improve his abilities and expertise in the domains of cup therapy and other related topics. He is also one of the better online physiotherapists in Bangalore.

Physiotherapist in Bangalore: Doctor Sai Shweta B

Dr. Sai Shweta is one of today's most trained and skilled experts in the field of chiropractic treatment. She specializes in full-body chiropractic therapy and has helped a number of people. She earned her bachelor's degree in physiotherapy from a prestigious professional university in 2016 and immediately began working as a physiotherapist.

She has specialized and earned expertise in a variety of areas, including backbone therapy, knee joint mobility treatment, recovery evaluation, and a variety of other things. She began working immediately after graduating in 2017. She began her career in Bangalore, where she worked at a variety of hospitals. She was elevated to our clinical head in a short amount of time, and I was quickly advanced from my level 1 clinical lead to a level 3 clinical head.

Physiotherapist in Bangalore: Doctor Kartik

Dr. Kartik is a very exceptional physiotherapist with outstanding educational credentials and extensive professional experience. Dr. Kartik graduated from Majestic matriculation school in 2012 with 89 percent. He intends to continue his study at Thiakesar alai Hr. sec. school for his higher studies. Dr. Kartik specializes in the treatment of back pain in physiotherapy. 

He earned his bachelor's degree in physiotherapy from PPG college in Coimbatore. Along with his bachelor's degree, he obtained a lot of practical experience and a wide range of talents. In 2021, he received his master's degree from the same institution. In the years afterward, he has gained hands-on medical expertise in neurology and orthopedics.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does physiotherapy cost in Bangalore?

Physiotherapy is a treatment option used to treat various sicknesses and injuries. These are often used as an alternative to medication or surgery, or to complement them as well. The cost of physiotherapy varies depending on the type of therapy, the duration, and the type of issue being dealt with. 

How do I choose a good physiotherapist?

A good physiotherapist is important to accelerate your recovery. Choosing the right physiotherapist is an important part of the recovery journey. Take a session, see how you feel, and then make a decision. 

Who needs physiotherapy?

People often seek physiotherapy when they are healing from a significant accident or surgery, and they attend treatment sessions to alleviate the pain that is limiting their mobility and strength.

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