An expert chiropractor with a vision for ‘Adding life to years’, Dr Anup Brahmbhatt is a leading healthcare provider in Bengaluru. His evolution from a junior physiotherapist to being at the forefront of preeminent organizations like CB Physiotherapy and Physiotattva was a result of his passion for making good health accessible to all through physiotherapy. With more than 14 years of experience, he has helped more than 10000 patients lead pain-free lives through his expertise.

His focus has been on treating spine-related ailments and has experience in treating difficult spine cases. He has actively worked with organisations to create awareness about back pain and other spine-related conditions. He has also worked with corporate giants to create awareness about ergonomics and workplace efficiency. An acclaimed chiropractor with decades of experience in treating spine-related issues, he has built a team of more than 500 physiotherapists across India.

He has completed his Master’s degree in Spine and completed Fellowship in Osteopathy and Modified Chiropractic from Australia. He has also completed his M.D in Alternative Medicine as well as completed his certification of DNT from the UK. He has extensively treated patients with musculoskeletal disorders in a number of distinguished organisations. He is also the official tutor for and guide for Canadian Physiotherapy Examination with Atmiya PCE prep.

Dr Anup Brahmbhatt is committed to delivering a panoramic treatment plan that delivers complete, all-inclusive, and holistic healthcare.


15 Years

Educational qualification

Master’s degree in Spine and completed Fellowship in Osteopathy and Modified Chiropractic from Australia

Languages known

English, Hindi, Kannada, Gujarati


Serviced Areas


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